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Hotel del Coronado

I have long awaited paying a visit to the Hotel del Coronado, as it’s only a few miles down the street from my surfing class.  For the longest time I’ve been fascinated with “the Del”.  The hold is has over me strengthens every time I’m reminded of romance, pastoral settings, glamour, a picture-perfect spot.

I parked right across from the Del and began walking around.  The string of Victorian homes here is eye-catching: cone-shaped towers, white verandas, tiny wooden benches, sharply-defined angles.  Across the street stretches miles of white-sand beach sprinkled with patches of mini sand dunes.  The perfect place to people watch while soaking in a bit of sun.

After my quick stroll I headed back to the Del freshly tinged with sea mist.  My skin must have been glowing.  My mission was to explore every corner of the inside of the Del.

The first thing you notice after entering is the HUGE crystal chandelier suspended from above, creating a surreal environment.  I made my way towards the stairs next to attendant-operated elevator and found myself on the second floor greeted by long, off-white hallways.

The higher up you go the lower the ceiling and smaller the doors, as if you’re a giant in Munchkin Land.  Here, the floors creak and sounds appear and dissipate at random.  The stillness of the air adds to the enigmatic aura.  I thought about the ghost of Kate Morgan and goosebumps appeared.  I racked my brain wondering what room number she inhabits.

On the top floor were some very narrow hallways complete with various look-out points with a unique view to each one:  pine trees and sailboats moored in the harbor, a glittering white sand beach, buildings and the Coronado Blue Bride.  I wondered which vantage point L. Frank Baum had when he supposedly used his stay at the Del as inspiration to creating

Emerald City in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Later, I sauntered over to the Mahogonay-wood railing by the stairs and the attendant offered me a ride back down on the birdcage elevator.

The door to the grand ballroom was open so I hopped in.  A carpet of white-petalled flowers swelled from the center of the room.  Crystal chandeliers dotted the vaulted ceiling.  On the far end, glass windows offered a stunning view of the deck and Coronado Beach.  At once, I became part of a work-in-progress painting.

With the door still adrift, my nose caught scent of something sweet.  I followed the aroma of waffle cone and vanilla ice cream past a corridor and ended up at Moo Time Creamery.  I wish I could have stayed longer to reminisce, ponder about life and girls…but I had a destination to get to.

A final “summertime” blog to wrap up my summer on my next blog…