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Summer in San Diego

Here is the final part of my “summer in San Diego” blog.  Boy, what a summer this has been.  And with the weather only starting to really heat up, summer doesn’t have to end.  Leave out those white tank tops, bright bikinis, and short shorts for an extended summer.  The heat should last until the end of the year so there’s plenty of time to cool off at the beach, go on a roadtrip or two, partake in a summer fling or a bit of romance.

Freedom encapsulates the essence of summer.  There’s time to try a new sport or taste a different kind of food, meet that boy, or girl, who has managed to elude you the previous 8 months, spend lazy days on the beach licking ice cream cones under sweltering heat.   More freedom, more time = happy people.  Summer is when we let down our guard, if only a bit, but just enough for possibility to seep in.

This summer I spent much of my time surfing in Coronado, a island city pretty much attached to San Diego via the San Diego-Coronado Blue Bridge.  Class met on Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-8:00pm, allowing for plenty of time to surf, glisten in my new tan, catch a radiating sunset.  A surfing class on Monday was perfect to start off the week on a high note.  I felt energized the rest of the week.

The drive to Coronado calmed me in a I’m-taking-a-vacation-and-leaving-my-worries-behind kind of way.  The Coronado Bridge turned into a blue rainbow where a pot of magic greeted me on the other side.  My favorite sight on this rainbow was towards the end where a patch of palm trees swayed in the tiny cove and sailboats rested along the sand while their cousins bopped in the turquoise water.  An occasional pelican or seagull flew by the vanilla sky and sent streaks of light catching my eyes.  No wonder I never noticed the sight of Hotel del Coronado upon reaching the end of the rainbow.  I must have thinking about my little getaway and girls.

The highlight of my days was, of course, surfing.  I had trouble at first, but like anything else in life, I continued trying and learned not just to surf, but that persistence is more important than ability.  The final week of class was the most thrilling.  I surfed with dolpins splashing in and out of the water against a freshly-tanned sky and caught many waves.

My best ride occurred on the final day as I paddled off on my favorite of the boards–the 10 footer–at just the right time to catch the wave and ride down its face.  The energy of the wave pulsated my veins.  A moment of connection with nature which I tried to grasp and hang on to as I floated towards shore.  And in that moment a spark jolted through me.  I knew I had made the most out of my summer.

This entire summer felt like a two-month boot camp where my body endured serious hardcore training.  Besides surfing, I also had a volleyball and dance class.  Connecting the dots, you have a surfer who loves sports and dances for fun.  By the end of it all, I had a rock hard body that continues to sizzle, along with a tantalizing tan.  What more could a guy ask for?

Here’s a link to the non-summer schedule of classes for those who wish to have fun, get away from your daily routine, try something new: class schedule.  The watersport classes are surfing, sailing, keelboating, kayaking, and canoeing.  Other great classes include yoga, dance, softball, tennis, swimming, volleyball, etc.

I’ll definitely be back when the time is right and maybe I’ll even see a few of you out there as I sit on a rustic, wooden bench peering off into the Pacific.  And if not, may our paths still cross one day when we finally let go of ourselves to see truth and beauty reunite.

Have a mind-blowing summer!

San Diego Surfer Boy

Yes it’s true, yours truly finally caught a wave!  I really struggled the first 2 weeks of class and couldn’t even catch one wave.  I kept at it and by the third week I caught my first wave and have been “easily” catching them ever since.  Here’s a few things I learned…

If you’re completely new to surfing, it takes several weeks to adjust to being in the water for long periods.  There’s the dizziness factor caused by the salt water and the rocking motion of the waves, the fatigue factor due to your body constantly being thrashed around, the balance factor of learning where and how to stand on your board, and the patience factor, which if you have it, counts for a lot as the learning curve in surfing can be high.

After adjusting to all of the above, wave selection and paddle action with your arms is very important.  Catching the right wave at the right time can be done with minimal effort if you remember to paddle several seconds before the wave even approaches, as your momentum will carry you forward, and hopefully place you on the wave.

In my experience catching a wave before it breaks was too difficult.  I had wanted the bigger waves, paddling out further than I should have gone.   Then one day I decided to just ride the whitewater (a wave after it has already broken) and that’s when I caught my first wave (actually it’s more like the wave catching me, but it’s all the same once I was on it).  You can catch a wave on whitewater all without even paddling.  Angle yourself towards shore and if the whitewater is coming in fast enough, get on your board, putting more weight towards the back than the front so you don’t nosedive after catching the wave.  Balance, balance, balance, and your first wave will be had!

After I caught several waves riding on whitewater, I felt confident maneuvering myself around.  Only then did I paddle further out and actually catch a wave right after it broke.  I’ve been catching them ever since, although it’s only been about a week:)

There’s this truly amazing, exhilarating feeling you get the instant you’re standing on your board and riding a wave.  The experience is like walking on water.  You keep thinking you’re gonna fall (and at first you do) but then you manage to center yourself and suddenly you’re gliding on water.

I caught my first wave on a 8.5-foot long board.  Just yesterday I tried out a 10-footer and WOW, the experience is even more stimulating.  I felt much more connected to the wave and was reminded of how small I am.

This blog is the third part in my “summer” blog.  I’ve been tinkering around with different usernames and finally found the perfect one with “romanticasianguy” to hint at where I’m coming from.  The first and second part of my original blog is San Diego Summer Vacation 2010: sun, sand, surf and Coronado Blues.