Romantic Asian Guy

In the last few years I managed to “find” myself through creative writing and it’s opened up a whole new world for me which I am grateful for.  I have a HUGE imagination, and I love the simple things in life.  My mind’s always thinking about something fanciful.

My goal here is to blog about my experiences as I reflect on life and engage in soul-searching here in San Diego, all with an added touch of romance.  Prior to writing and blogging, most of my thoughts I’ve kept to myself, and with this blog I wish to open up myself to the world one person at a time.

Update: I’ve finally found my calling.  Food.  Culture.  Adventure.  Check out Wild Foodie Tours for the ultimate foodie experience!


27 thoughts on “Romantic Asian Guy

  1. I believe to express your own thoughts in word is not any easy task but you are able to do it. You will be a good author one day.

  2. I feel your soul through your quill. You writing is pure and uninhibited.

    I hope to read more of your creative expressions through your blog- and oh, the best to you in your quest to write a book!

    Remain blessed! 🙂

  3. I admire your journey and your aspirations. I can definitely relate to your comment about writing and blogging opening up a whole new world. Best of luck in the future!

  4. Hi Albert,
    I wish you the best of luck on your journey. May be able to find yourself. Indeed, it’s a thrilling ride. I can say that I’ve also been in the same boat. And finally, finally, I think I have reconciled with the real me 🙂 And the most important thing I learned from my journey is that simple things in life matter and make me happy 🙂

    Will be visiting your blog and reading your thoughts. See yah around 🙂

    • Hi thank you so much for your support! The last several weeks have definitely been a roller coaster ride. Regardless, I see my destination, and will one day make it there. And yes, I have also learned that it’s the simple things in life that matter and make me happy. It’s been quite the journey thus far:)

  5. hey this is my first time commenting on a blog,
    ive always wanted to go to a journey by myself i mean im 19 so i should be out but i missed my graduation and stayed out from school for a while and stay as a maid. but your so lucky that journey your going to stay safe stay happy haha 🙂

  6. Ohh a first, how great that is lol! You should definitely go on a solo journey to find yourself. Have that “escape” and focus solely on yourself and your desires in life. My journey’s been cathartic and really made me who I am today. Every journey opens your eyes and makes you realize what’s important, so go ahead and take that leap:)

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