Newfound Friendship with a Girl

Daisy FlowerLast month my friend and I went dancing at a club in San Diego.  Through him, I was able to meet a girl named Mary.  I was surprised when she seemed into me from the start.  “Wow, you’re so tall!” she said, gazing into my eyes with a wide smile.  Her energy captivated me.  We chit-chatted a bit, and I got her email while my friend got her number.  I emailed her a few days later, and we decided to meet for boba milk tea.  We would end up talking for four hours!

“You have this incredible energy about you,” I said.  “I love how free-spirited you are.  You’re the type of girl I’ve always wanted to meet.”

“Why, thank you.  I’m just being me.  I think you’re very special yourself, and not like the other guys I meet.  I was trying to get your attention all night, but you never asked me to dance.  Your arms were crossed, and I just thought you were conceited.”

“I had no idea you were even looking at me,” I said, laughing.  “I was also probably just being timid.  You know, it’s so interesting how we assume things about other people all the time, and most of those assumptions are probably way off.”

“I agree.  It’s really sad, but I guess we’re only human.”

Over the course of the night, Mary kept gazing at me with her piercing blue eyes.  I’d blush, get shy, and then look away briefly.  The more we chatted, the more we realized all the things we had in common, one being our love of walking places.  Eventually, we even discussed plans of doing a walking trip together on the beach.  We’d start in La Jolla or Del Mar and travel-walk without a set destination, a visceral adventure I’d always wanted to experience with a girl.

When the night was winding down, Mary clasped my hands and we mimicked the way we’d hold each other’s hands on the dance floor.  “Your hands are so soft,” she said as her fingers rested in my palms.  “I feel it.  We definitely have a connection.”

“I’m just really grateful a girl like you actually appreciates a guy like me.”

The entire time I was in awe of this girl, how she showered me with so much attention.  We had the type of communication I’d always wanted with a girl.  I couldn’t stop thinking how we had only just met.  Mary seemed drawn to my shy and sweet side, and that highly reassured me.

At the end of the night, I walked her to my car.  “I think we’ll be really good friends,” she said.  She opened her arms, and we embraced.

My body loosened.  Relief washed over me.  I’d always longed for friendship with a girl like her.  At once,  I held romance, beauty, and friendship in my hands.  Pain lifted.  Mary, Mary, I thought.  There’s definitely something about Mary.

6 thoughts on “Newfound Friendship with a Girl

    • Yes, something definitely happened. We lost touch! It’s sad when I think about it, but this type of thing happens all the time in life. It’s an issue that definitely conflicts me.

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