Horseback Riding on the Beach in San Diego

Ever since I saw the movie Titanic where Jack says to Rose he’ll one day take her to ride horses on the beach, the image of a guy and a girl galloping off into the sunset has been imprinted into my mind.  I loved the idea of a couple doing something few have thought to do.  Two people.  One shared experience.  Love and romance captured.

Over the years I wondered if it was possible to ride horses on the beach here in San Diego.  Being a city with plenty of spectacular beaches and tourists, you’d imagine it readily available to engage in this activity.  You can ride “ponies” in Rosarito, Mexico and horses at Shelter Island, but a pony is not exactly a horse and Shelter Island is a bay.  I’m talking a stretch of coast, crashing waves, open ocean.

Then I heard about a place in Imperial Beach where you can ride actual horses on the beach.  I had to see it for myself. After some research, I arrived at Border Field State Park, parked my car, and took out my mini bike and road it on the paved road for 1-2 miles to get to the beach.

It was just me (plus a border agent) and miles of empty beach, not even a single palm tree.  I walked along the shore and plopped myself on the sand, sitting on the plastic bag that came with my 5-rolled tacos for an impromptu picnic. South of me was a large flock of seagulls.  I waited.

The tide began to recede.  And then the first trio of them arrived.

How awesome the riders and horses must have felt having an entire beach for themselves.  I smiled at them as they passed, all the while munching away on my tacos.

The moment held me in a daze.  One of those times I wished I had a girl to enjoy the experience with.  It wasn’t just about being at the beach or seeing horses, but the adventure of getting here, the process of discovery.  Strolling along a private beach with a girl, I thought.  We’d be free to do whatever we wanted to. No towels, no showers, no problem.  We’d dip our toes in the water, relax on the plastic take-out bag from Roberto’s, look out into the Coronado Islands, and we’d be happy.

Later, as I walked along the beach, I took a candid photo of a couple.

I thought they were part of the group tour, but it turns out they came separately, and it was their first time here.

The guy handed me his camera and I took some photos of him and his girlfriend. I thought of how Jack said to Rose: “We’ll ride horses on the beach, right in the surf.”  This image that had been in my mind for so long had come true, vicariously.  Fifteen minutes later as I was leaving, I caught a final shot of the lovebirds heading off into the horizon.

Check out if you’re interested in renting horses to ride on the beach in San Diego.

22 thoughts on “Horseback Riding on the Beach in San Diego

  1. Gosh, you really ARE a romantic guy, aren’t you? You must have the ladies falling all over themselves trying to get your attention!

    I have to say, this was a very romantic post…all except the 5 tacos in a plastic bag. Haha. That’s keepin’ it real, my friend… 😉

    • OMG, I actually have a reader lol! Thank you for your response. Hearing from you made my day:)

      I wish I did have ladies from all over vying for my attention lol, but for the most part, girls don’t seem to take notice. Still scratching my head about this one.

      So I really have to thank you for appreciating my post! And yes, I gotta have my 5-rolled tacos someway, somehow:)

      Have you ever gone horseback riding on the beach? What was that like?

  2. Well, it’s important for us bloggers to stick together and support each other, so don’t mention it! 🙂

    You just keep up your romantic ways and some lucky lady will take notice…trust me. All of us girls are saps…lol.

    I haven’t been horseback riding on the beach before, but I did it in Dominican Republic through sugar cane fields. Word of advice: don’t wear shorts while doing that because the horses run REALLY fast and sugar canes HURT!! lol. I had bruises and scrapes on my legs for days afterward….definitely worth it, though! 🙂

  3. Ahh yes yes bloggers gotta stick together!

    The romance will always be there. Just hoping girls take notice so I can sweep them off their feet as they sweep me off mine.

    Horseback riding through sugarcane fields sounds like fun! I’m a huge fan of bamboo and sugarcane is very similar. You poor poor girl with all those bruises! Sounds like quite the thrill you had though:)

  4. This looks like so much fun, and what a romantic thing to do =] I haven’t ridden a horse since I was little, and I have such a craving to try horse-riding on the beach now! I’m going abroad next week, so I wonder if there’ll be anywhere I can try it there…

  5. Hi Sophie, thanks for your comment. Yes, horseback riding on the beach–and during summer too–does seem exciting! At least you’ve ridden horses before:)

    So you’re going aboard eh? How have your traveling adventures been? I’m planning on teaching English abroad in Hong Kong in 1-2 years.

    • Hey, that’s a coincidence – the reason I’m going abroad is actually to start a new contract as an English language assistant, so I’ll be teaching English just like you plan to =]

      I love travelling – I taught English in France for a year and got the travel bug, so I’m going again but this time further afield! (Reunion Island – near Mauritius)

      • What a small world! How exciting it must be go get a chance to teach English AND travel at the same time–and to France of all places!

        And wow, I see you’re a fresh graduate and already beginning on a new journey–how admirable!

        I’m also planning on getting my TEFL certificate in advance of going abroad, but, lately, I’ve been reconsidering my plans due to various reasons.

        I’d love to continue to read about your experiences and to hear of any advice, or knowledge you can impart on me:)

  6. Hey Albert! I randomly came across your blog, and I’ve taken quite a liking to your posts! I enjoy reading about your romantic musings 🙂 If only more guys were into romance like you.

    I’ve definitely thought about horseback riding. It always seemed like some fantasy, but I’m glad to know it actually exists!.

    • Hi Winnie

      Ohh thank you sooooooooo much for your comment. Reading it lifted my spirits hehe. I’m really glad you enjoy my posts:)

      Yeah, I’m all for romance! It spices up life and makes it exciting. Horseback riding on the beach looks fun, especially the riding off into the sunset part:)

      • Honestly, I really do enjoy reading your posts haha. You should post more! I’d love to read more about your thoughts. I think it’s because I enjoy musing about romance too…that’s probably why I gravitated towards your blog more than any other : )

        Omg, riding off into the sunset is like THE cliche for romance, but I love it. LOL

      • Yeah I’d love to post more, but I’ve been busy and preoccupied lately. I have taken a liking to your comments though lol.

        Cliches are cliche lol, but I think every moment-romantic or not-is unique depending on the circumstance or person you’re with:)

  7. Sir, nice post! I’ve never ridden a horse, but I love the ocean, and have surfed whenever I get a chance. Keep up the writing and romancing. btw … your post only shows on the far left side of my monitor. Not sure why.

    • Hi thanks for reading. Yes, the oceans here in San Diego are spectacular! Thank you for your kind words.

      Oh and I think the off-center page is due to the template I used. I assume that’s just how it looks.

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